Information and translations of interwebz in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Jan 16, 2009 #4 Monique. It is a book about technology in general and digital technology in particular. Meaning of interwebs. Science Advisor. Tim Challies: The Next Story (His Next Book) ... I’m really pleased with the title, but it does have a downside in that it is remarkably difficult to pronounce (try saying it out loud). What counts is how I pronounce it. Definition of interwebs in the dictionary. Information and translations of interwebs in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. (Photo via Socialite Life) We’ve seen videos on How to Speak Like a Brit and How to Speak Like an American.Our friends over at Socialite Life have posted a video of three British lads talking us through How to Speak Internet.. Dan, host of the YouTube page danisnotonfire, and his two mates Jack and Finn, start with a commonly used acronym, “LOL”. I must be an idiot. Gold Member. pete240z wrote: I struggle with how to pronounce it. do they even know what the interweb is? . Interweb definition: The interweb is a humorous name for the internet. Staff Emeritus. Definition of interwebz in the dictionary. I know how to pronounce it but I find it hard to do so. they are a third world country. Meaning of interwebz. This term, which combines the two formal names for today’s global network of computers and servers, is often thought of as a slightly sarcastic reference to the Internet, implicating those who do not understand how it works. Edit: Just kidding, don't ban me. Interweb expert, gaming elite, and anime master. Around Chicago everyone says "Ki-Yo-Tee" or "Ki-Yo-Tee's" Around Denver all my coworkers say "Ki-Yote" or "Ki-Yotes" : As I walked along the paths that interweave amongst the foliage I came upon something I had never seen there before. Literally just about to say this. What does interwebz mean? Technology product name for sale. This brand name is ideal for a hardware or technology brand. Jonkers Street was already crowded with vehicles and pedestrians, which seemed to interweave without touching each other. 4,149 64. Who cares how they pronounce it. Successful brands using four syllable names include Unilever, ESPN and Coca-Cola. Interweb or "the Interweb" is a colloquial term for the World Wide Web or Internet. : Films that juggle and interweave storylines across time can be tricky business. What does interwebs mean? ‘The Interweb was the right choice over virtual reality.’ ‘However, I firmly believe I witnessed enough to gather a subjective series of objective opinions, thereby allowing me to comment on the current state of the Inter-web.’ Link to post Share on other sites. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Functionally the same, and with the rise of the interweb, where the two dots do not form part of a recognised character set for email or URL's, people are adding the "e" to the vowels rather than the dots. 1997, Christian Schenck, Christine Schopf, Cyberarts, →ISBN, Page 70 "Web Hopper" is an interweb site that enables you to visualize your Web hopping and that of other Net users. Around the Interweb (12/13) December 13, 2009 by Aaron Armstrong. Having had business cards and letter heads printed without the dots just spreads to the vehicle livery, the sign above the door etc. Length InterwebCam has 11 letters and four syllables. I still don't know the true pronunciation, although I know the different ways people pronounce it. Dan (middle) with twins Jack (left) and Finn.

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