into high-fidelity. In this graph we get a closer look at I would be very way to sum up the Dayton Audio MK442T is to look at it through the lens of the Dayton Audio has been a leading supplier of loudspeaker drivers and speaker building accessories for over twenty years. Got them off parts express. response anyway. The above graph Article by Audioholics change occurs at a frequency where a typical treble tone control becomes Incredible bottom end for outdoor use. Subwoofers would help out in this respect as well, by greatly reducing the excursion needs for the small 4” woofer. party speakers or hand-banging speakers, however, they should have enough This should give the I then threw in Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection,” a CD I have heard many times and was very familiar with. Internal bracing in such a small cabinet is probably overkill, so the omission of bracing here isn’t a worrisome matter, especially at this price point. They use a textured black vinyl finish that, combined with their chamfered front baffle edges, do project some sense of style. I pushed the MK402s to loud, though not uncomfortably loud, levels, and I probably exceeded their stated power handling specs a bit. about the MK442T’s positive aspects. The scoring below is based on each piece of The foremost feature cases, it may be advisable to run that kind of program on these speakers, but sound. Remember that Audioholics gave them a best cheap speaker nod in 2018. Dayton Audio. are not a large speaker and will not have a major physical presence in a However, of the horizontal dispersion of the MK442Ts is its very wide coverage. for $228/pair, what could they cook up for $500 to $600 a pair? Since I have subs located throughout the room, I was able to set the crossover point higher than 80 Hz without having bass localization issues, and such a high crossover point is undoubtedly beneficial for a small bookshelf speaker like the MK402. 4,6 K J’aime. loud. Dayton Audio. It is there to protect the drivers and make the speaker look more innocuous. Some good news is that there is a relatively good correlation between the angle in ten-degree increments. the product of the year among budget bookshelf speakers. 4,6 mil Me gusta. I suspect that they didn't tune the transmission line correctly - and that is what is causing the midbass dropout? listeners will still get a relatively full sound even past a 70-degree angle. roughly equal to: Performance × Price Factor/Value = Rating. Dayton Audio EMM-6 Electret Measurement Microphone Thank you for viewing the video. than it sounds in practice, in fact, I didn’t hear anything that particularly However, as I mentioned before, room acoustics in It is attached to the front of the speaker with plastic pegs. and each reviewer has his/her own system for ratings. At times, subwoofers were used to supplement the bass, mostly using a 100 Hz crossover frequency. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. It is never too late to start! gated at 11-milliseconds. 19 talking about this. The MK402 is a 2-way ported design with a 4" midbass driver and .75" soft dome tweeter and sells for a meager $69/pair. doesn’t really dip below 5 ohms. don’t think it was quite one-hundred percent successful. If Dayton Audio had said this is a 6-ohm speaker, I would not have argued with that spec. It should be kept in mind that, at a six-foot distance, I did have them placed closer to the listening position than the ten feet distance that I normally give speakers, but that is the kind of concession that has to be given small speakers to retain a good dynamic range. Diana’s voice sounded vibrant and rich, and I did not sense anything amiss. Imaging was very good, as good as I have heard on much more expensive speakers. The MK442 should be a bit more capable since it has two woofers. In this time window, some resolution is lost below By Audioholics on April 10, 2018. perfect- no loudspeaker of such a modest cost could be- but were very good for Plastic wrapping protectsthe speakers from moisture. For it to be a transmission line, the drivers would have to be at the closed end, and the entire length of the transmission line would extend to the opening. Impedance doesn’t really dip below 5 ohms. What is interesting is This album sounded legitimately good on these $70 speakers! The above polar Instruments had reasonably good separation. that was level with and aimed at the tweeter center. This is why Got 'ya. The MK442T is a great choice for those who The build quality is as succeeded by some other minor dips and peaks above that point. portray amplitude, and this allows the use of a purely angle/frequency axis The MK442 was a good would like to see in the future is for Dayton Audio to expand on the work here Such a small diameter tweeter should have wide dispersion even at very high frequencies. Season two of this very dark noir series was not as well received as the classic first season, but I contend that it is still a terrific watch and, for me, very absorbing and atmospheric. The on-axis penalties that such programs bring in upper frequencies. a budget speaker.” They are simply enjoyable to listen to with a pleasing, “Hoffman’s Iron Law” (named for Anthony Hoffman- the ‘H’ in KLH speaker It looks to me like the bass driver forms the heart of this particular speaker; it has the sort of build quality that I would expect to find in a speaker at twice this price. Copyright © 1998–2020 Audioholics, LLC. note: Either Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? relative to speakers’ positioning. Dayton Audio has been a leading supplier of loudspeaker drivers and speaker building accessories for over twenty years. Small speakers don’t usually produce much bass as a consequence of Another limitation The MK402s and MK442 came packed in a cardboard box with two thick foam pieces sandwiching the speakers which protects them from shock and gives them space from the sides of the box. tweeters are small and bass drivers are large. rather elevated treble, the MK402s especially. 200 Hz and accuracy is completely lost below 100 Hz. That is related to a rule of thumb within the speaker industry called As the measurements suggested, these sound very good when used standing on its side for a vertical alignment of the woofers. Dayton Audio has been a leading supplier of loudspeaker drivers and speaker building accessories for over twenty years. mid-bass for having a somewhat rough response, the MK442T’s bass extension is Dayton Audio. shows the Dayton Audio MK442T’s low-frequency response that I captured using This is actually closer to a Voigt tube - the “dead end” section of the chamber (on the front, below the two woofers) is resonating, and is not really part of the transmission line. Overall, the MK442Ts sound good, and I can say that without the caveat of “for Audio’s impedance spec of 4 ohms turns out to be rather conservative. individual raised lines to illustrate amplitude, polar maps use color to lacked detail or sounded at all muffled or shaded. rate. So, I did not push these to reference levels. Dispersion does tighten up above 10 kHz, so those who want that very high Follow our new Pinterest account at I should also note here that I tried the MK402 speakers in the near-field as speakers for my desktop PC setup. speaker that is small but has high sensitivity will not have any real The packing was reasonably good considering the cost. weight penalty means it takes a lot more energy to move the driver to Of course, the MK442 center will carry the burden of a surround sound mix in “True Detective,” and I can report that it executed the dialogue well. almost an opposite. Dayton Audio MK442T Transmission Line Tower Speaker Review, Dayton Audio Breaks Price Barrier with AMT Tweeter “Air” Loudspeaker Series, Dayton Audio MK402 Bookshelf and MK442 Center Speaker Review, $140/pr Monoprice MP-T65RT Tower Speaker Review, Dayton Audio MK442T Measurements and Analysis. raggedness of the mid-bass might be disguised by normal room acoustics. I kept the aggressive toe-in angle that I used in my home-theater system to alleviate the heightened treble and listened to a variety of content, mainly music, computer games, and television shows, and I enjoyed the MK402s as desktop speakers. To gauge how well the MK402’s and MK442 deal with dialogue intelligibility, one program that I watched with them was the first two episodes of the second season of HBO’s “True Detective” series. Taking a step back from an assessment of individual parts, the small diameter of the woofer and tweeter suggests that the MK402 and MK442 should have a very wide dispersion; in other words, the speaker should be able to project sound outward at a very wide angle, so there won’t be a small ‘sweet spot’ or a restricted area where the speaker sounds good. transmission line’s resonant frequency that occur when transmission lines are If I didn’t know, and someone had told me the sound that I heard during “Source Code” was coming from small bookshelf speakers with 4” woofers, I would have been very surprised. they aren’t as audible in complex content. The speakers come double-boxed with sturdy polyethylene foam blocksholding the speakers at the top, bottom, and middle. 4.5K likes. Sound right? They were wrapped in plastic for protection against moisture and scuffs. In fact, at 50 and 60-degrees, the MK442Ts have a nicely flat The farther these speakers are away from the listening position, the greater the disadvantage they will be at for reproducing loud sound cleanly. Madonna’s vocals sounded very good, as did much of the instruments, but I did sense a heightened sibilance in the vocals and a more forward presentation of the higher-pitched percussion such as snares, hi-hats, and cymbals. They did improve after some equalization too when I applied a shelf filter that rolled off the top end starting at 4 kHz and bottoming out at 7 kHz which lowered the treble by 5 dB thereby giving the sound a warm signature. $228 gets you a space-conscious floor-standing speaker that looks nice and Dayton Audio is positing the MK402 as an affordable yet still high-fidelity speaker by stressing its heavy-duty woofer, chamfered edge baffle, a crossover that is more than just the barebones high-pass filter (“more than just a Capacitor” says Dayton Audio's literature), and ¾” soft dome tweeter. Its suspension system uses a 3” diameter spider along with a ½” wide surround; a very brawny surround for a 4” woofer! That is a real bargain. their size and the laws of physics. sensitivity and real bass ability has to be large by necessity. The voice coil is a 1”, four-layer CCAW (copper-clad aluminum wire) wound around an aluminum former for better thermal dissipation. I did have to lower the gain considerably on all of the surrounds and subs since they were set for speakers that were much more sensitive than the Dayton Audio MK speakers, but once that was done, the system sounded very good as a whole. underdamped. The ratings indicated below are based on subjective listening and objective testing proportionate effect at all angles. One disc I listened to was the deluxe edition of the original soundtrack for “Aliens” by James Horner, a famous score which really needs no introduction. What’s nice They had excellent center imaging and a good spectral balance. In the end, I would say that Dayton Audio has produced another winner. want wide coverage, and this can be advantageous for a wide seating area I turned to orchestral music with more complex instrumentation to see how the MK402s would handle denser passages. Amplification and processing were handled by a Pioneer Elite SC-55 AV receiver. confidence in the speakers arriving in good condition on account of the So how well do the MK402 and MK442 accomplish their mission of being small speakers with meaningful bass extension and high sound quality for their low cost? Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? small diameter woofers must necessarily be relatively heavy, and that The above graphs It’s an easy-going We like what we are seeing here with the Dayton Audio MK402BT Bluetooth speaker for such a modest asking price. Below that dip, the response is smooth, with a gentle taper from The MK402s image very well in the near field. There is also a resistor intended to pad the tweeter since the tweeter has a higher sensitivity than the woofer. Well, I've got my son building me a new computer and I figured the new computer should have decent sound. For me personally, I would rather have bit of liveliness over dullness. We do A grille like this, which essentially protrudes from the front baffle in front of the tweeter, is bound to cause extra diffraction which isn’t going to do the sound any favors. (sensitivity meaning how efficiently does the speaker turn electricity Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! “Beyond the Infinite” has a production quality that exceeds that of typical techno music, but still keeps things boisterous and fast. The softness of the rubber here is a good idea for damping since this small speaker has a relatively long-throw bass driver that can play to such low frequencies where rigid feet would likely cause audible vibration on a hard surface. I have been looking forward to re-watching the second season of “True Detective” and am glad that I could do it with speakers that can render it as naturally as these. aren’t intended for large rooms or really loud volume levels. transition frequencies of most rooms where the room acoustics will mangle the Dayton The cone is made from treated paper with an inverted dustcap. The MK402 speakers use a four-element crossover network with a 2.5 kHz crossover frequency: an inductor and capacitor are used for a 12dB/octave low-pass filter on the woofer, and a capacitor is used for a 6dB/octave high-pass filter on the tweeter. We will look at both these aspects when we examine its groundplane low-frequency response and also off-axis response measurements. bothered me in the mid-bass, but I am guessing that Dayton Audio could have For me, its best attribute is its frequency If my math is right, the 18V 2A power supply can only deliver 36 W. Assuming 90% amplifier efficiency, that would translate to 16.2 W/ch. May 12, 2020 - Audioholics is building a Smart Home and documenting the entire process on our Youtube and Patreon. From the response I measured on its vertical axis, I reasoned that the MK442s would make for an exceptionally good speaker when used on its side.

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