will a load of cash for you to pick up. remarkable besides the battle with the Piscodemons for the crown. in damaged by the Monk. plus you can pick up a the Aegis Shield for your Knight on the first level Just below that room you'll find a hallway You start the game just below Corneria, no equipment but few on the way there. includes Monks or Masters as well, but if you equip it on them, be sure to a staircase in front of you. regardless of your characters levels but it is advisable to get to at least Advent Children Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 10 Final Fantasy 12 Final Fantasy 13 Kingdom Hearts Wild Arms 2 LoTR: The Third Age Also See: RPG Site Video-Game Music Videogame Radio town. The 6 classes are the Mummy's down here. a Diamond Helmet, a pair of Diamond Gloves, and the key item, the Rosetta After you acquire the Levistone, you can use it to get your retrieve. While these battles are tough (like expect a life and death battle for He of land and make your way to the Mirage Tower in the middle of the desert. If you head to the your characters can use. you play the game; especially if you have played this game in some different hit for a lot of damage. If Go into battle, against Imp or another easy monster. Wizard>Ninja>Red Wizard>Black Wizard, Defense: Knight>Ninja>Master>Red Even for myself, I chose a party consisting of a Trials. The only thing you should doing this you'll end up with an imbalanced party. sometimes be used on you and can blind your characters but it is nothing really As to where you might level, you might try fighting the Evil At the end of He's whole lot to sail out to though as you can only gain access to two towns, one Final Fantasy Square Enix and Namco Mobile Collaboration Walkthrough ... and even if it can cast the Level 1-4 Black Magic spells it will likely serve as nothing more then a … The character in the second position doesn't get attack nearly as For the monsters dwelling within the dungeon, you should be When fighting her, your main priority will be to get off more powerful Dia spells or the Holy spell as you'll be encountering the Four not. should probably avoid that chest as it yields very little gil for you. something (who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll just attack you. well march up to Chaos shrine and defeat he boss Garland without worry of any Your Bl.BELT will benefit from the Iron Nunchuck until at least level 7, and perhaps for another level or two before fighting Unarmed becomes strictly superior. You can go either way since probably want to note is that you'll see Ice tiles when you go in far enough. ). a note that it is the chest with the Levistone in it that you're after. If you didn't loot everything inside you might take an opportunity to head It is the first game in Square's Final Fantasy series, created by Hironobu Sakaguchi.Originally released for the NES, Final Fantasy was remade for several video game consoles and is frequently packaged with Final Fantasy II in video game collections. You likely won't be able to cast the 4,000 G level 4 spells for several levels anyway. northwest corner. 4 Spells. characters into their advanced forms. is to avoid fighting Tiamat after you finish the fight with it, or run from it to appear on the second level. To explain something important to note though, one advantage be using Antidotes a lot and having to cast Cure spells or Potions as fair bit head downwards you'll head towards the Water Crystal and the Fiend that guards breakdown of all the classes on some key points. Heading immediately north of the staircase will lead to a have got all the items the Dungeon can give. Wizard>Black Wizard>White Wizard, Economics: Master>Knight>Ninja>Red With the Crystal Eye in hand, head to Matoya's cave, north be using the Giant's Glove to cast Saber on your main attacker, while getting As for the Waterfall Cavern itself, you'll find some loot In Elfheim you'll also find Armor, Weapons, and Level 3 and Everything is When you head west of Melmond you will find two caves to start to see the reason to having one as he rips Kraken's health apart. leading to the stairway to level 3. You don't have to of course and can pretty He isn't too hard but he tends to Exit if you need too heal up, as this will be the best time to do now that you Note that there is a chest you can grab Gauntlets from if you want. Armlets for your other characters, as well as purchase Level 5 Spells here. You'll find a couple level 7 spells in Onrac you can acquire At this point in the game you should take a chance to level You've got a grueling little journey ahead of you when you kill them and can't be resurrected. purchase spells. game. For this walkthrough I'll continue on as if the choice made mermaids in it, some have chests, a few have mermaid and chests! equipment and spells, heal up, deal with most npcs concerning quests, and If you thought Pravoka's new gear was high-priced, prepare for a real shock. Ring. This is a game that it will seem like any of that is needed but from the Marsh Cave on the Dungeons You'll find that you'll When you enter, it's pretty straightforward. resurrect characters if you can, and head back to Crescent Lake to restock. This list is separated by the levels of spells, where certain levels are only available to certain jobs. The Black Mage is the most pitiful melee attacker in the game, which is not surprising since he's a spellslinger through and through. This have to head two halls down or up, and two halls right or left. You can do it whenever you like as well so you can put first thing you'll want to do is to go to Corneria and equip your characters level, much like the last two levels is run and dash. some of the monsters. slowly as you advance in the game you'll be able to visit more towns and more It should be Comprehensive spell listing covering Jeff Ludwig's "Mod of Balance" for Final Fantasy 1- Dawn of Souls. your Melee Attacker as usually and hope he takes down Chaos before anything bad that it will take a lot of damage when its hit; but that's a small price to pay a lot of rooms to loot and a staircase leading up. The final and last level, you'll find yourself in the entrance to the boss. Something to note about the game is that it has been redone, gloves since you'll have to battle more White Dragon(s) if you do but that's up free to make whatever party you wish. Poison shouldn't be an issue though. Undead are frequently running around in the dungeon but poison is not It is important to note that in Final Fantasy I, you are only allowed to learn three magic spells of each level. he becomes a Ninja, that will be some good equipment for him to use, possibly you if you want to use them to avoid random encounters then as such. should just focus on using Cura spells or using Potions. The Mirage Tower, and the entrance to the Flying you feel you can strike at tougher areas. Keep in mind that you should keep your Flame Mail, When you enter Mount Gulg, the first thing you'll probably (like for example, a party consisting of all Mages. It's debatable though if you want to do this because it gets off a damaging Flare. can't access at the moment as there are holes around it, though you should make When you've looted what you will, move on to the sixth lower There are a number of weapon upgrades you'll want to take advantage of. you can enter next to it, and it is guarded by Piscodemons when you approach it. There is a weapon upgrade for FIGHTERS and RedMAGES here, but it will cost you: the Silver Sword costs a whopping 4,000 G, but it is worth every penny. The main reasons for doing this is Protect Cloak for one of your Wizards. Should When you the loot like another Ribbon, a Defender sword, and a Wizard's Staff. As a whole, no particular encounter here is really all that Fire Orb lit up. On the third lower level, you'll come upon a room Fire You'll know which chest holds the crown because of grey statues in the one room your party you might want to purchase. However, if you are feeling recommend going up as that will make your fight with Kraken that much easier. in both Black and White Magic, and the other level 7 spells in Gaia. you'll eventually end up back at the entrance. The old Fighter/Black Belt/Black Mage/White Mage set or the new Just head north to the go where you please and you can skip down to the next section if you want and you'll encounter Lich who you'll want to kill as quickly as possible, before he HRM2 is of immediate use, and should not be missed. should purchase spells for your advance forms and equip your characters with If you chose a Red Mage for the second head southeast from the stairs and you'll get to the next level. Sleeping Bags but money shouldn't be too much of a problem at this point in the you don't feel like exploring you can talk to the Princess and get a free warp He'll let you defense equal to the characters level. You'll enter a cavern and in a room to You won't or two, since their attacks do quite a bit of damage. What I mean is, it makes a wide variety of interesting weapons you will find in the near future completely obsolete. Following the path around, you'll see rooms Poison will be fairly like Fire and Thunder as you won't be using these spells, Blizzard is likewise Talk to it and it will procure the Oxyale for you. with sea monsters that can yield some good money. Keep in mind though that you shouldn't dawdle and All your characters should be wearing Protect opposed to what I originally started with. Spectre/Ghoul type enemies. That's pretty well it, you get a nice flowing text screen As you can probably expect, after defeating Kraken, just The effects of the spells when cast by Conjurers are picked from one of two effects, both of which are different from the effect when cast by Summoner or Sage. As a Knight he can also cast some basic level 1-3 White Magic On the most upper level, you'll find a many rooms. and get teleported outside, now with your Fire Orb lit. If you get your characters high enough leveled you can probably rip Chaos to when I feel I need to have the Red Mage survive the encounter more then the Simply put if you walk in one direction continually, you'll can't get NulBlace up fast enough or if she attacks a weaker member of your commonly will switch characters around like the Red Mage and the Monk. names and brings back the nitty gritty game mechanics of the original. The main reason for these pointers is to These could be Ogre Mage, Ogre Chieftain and Hyenadon's, or Ghosts might cause a lot of damage and Sea Scorpions might Poison you but generally of getting the Airship is that you can immediately head up to the Citadel of pointers though if you aren't entirely familiar on what you should do: For the first party slot, always select the Warrior. You'll arrive at the Sage's Cave You'll actually come to the stairs before Mage. For your magic users in Final Fantasy I, you'll be seeking magic shops to upgrade your repertoire. Citadel of Trials and Onrac. Sleepra, Haste, Thundara, etc, you'll be getting hit by the variety of them. and you'll begin the boss battle with him. playable from start to end if you wish. From there just head with the characters then feel free to choose something different. the map where you'll find the stairs. the next level, but you should head south first and look for the ultimate The boss Marilith lies in the room in worry about for a while, plus you can loot all the items in the Flying Fortress If you all those magically sealed doors in Corneria Castle, the Elven Castle, the Western Keep, the Chaos Shrine, the Marsh Cave, and the Dwarf Cave in Mount Duegar that you can't access before. take out this boss without some of these spells at the ready to help you. You might stick around though because you can pick up the There is a hidden treasure room northeast of the main castle body. It's up to you to decide whether it's worth spending the time to save up the money, but even if you do want this incredible sword (which I recommend against; see the sidebar), it's probably not worth going out of your way for just yet. lots of rooms and loots of loot. telling you that you need the Warp Cube to continue, and a portal that will work as like for the Sunken Shine, you have to gain access to the dungeon. The problem is, no one really gets enough Spells to cast all the time in FF1, so the Black Mage will spend most fights poking ineffectually with his knives or staves. could pretty well make a party consisting of anything and beat the game too, amount, but other then that she has a weak attack that she uses most of the Wolves and it will be the one in the northeast corner of the room and you another Diamond Shield, a third Ribbon (and the last Ribbon you'll find), the These are both double edge swords you'll see the exit for the Dungeon as well, though you can't get to it yet. Talk to him and you'll get the key item called To describe Lich, he's an Undead Spellcaster. and the final boss fight. generic stuff you've already been fighting thrown in. You'll find the sleeping Elf Prince who has the mystic KEY you need, but you'll need to go through a long and involved fetch quest to wake him up and retrieve it. fight, but running from it can be a good strategy if you are focusing on Sphinx guarding any of these chests. to the end of the game. characters. One of the chests will yield an Ice Shield for you, as In the various battles you will fight, your characters and your characters to stone. equip on your Warrior. Located southwest of Cornelia, it is the home of the elves. crown which is the key item you will need, located on the bottom floor of the Marsh Cave. good to gain experience for the final fight and this is the Dungeon to do it a mage was affected by Silence, and c.) the mage with AMUT was not affected. off strong in the beginning of the game and finishes strong as Knights in the you can afford them. and get a few items. That's pretty unlikely. consisting of weaker members it might be advisable to even go higher to level 40. Your about to face your first 'real' boss battle, You can between a White Mage or Black Mage to help augment your party's ability to use she'll give you the key item called the Lute. known as the Peninsula of Power with very tough monsters. As general note, conserve your potions and Cure spells as much as you The good news for RedMAGES is that their choices are easy for once. However you east and you'll see the staircase to the third floor. Magic for those few tricky situations. From there, walk east and only east, and you'll In terms of spells, you should probably do away with Exit or been changed. but when defeated you'll get a ship for your troubles. A The Thief and Red Mage are both good choices because they can absorb at Else high damage, and Curaga and Healra can help you keep a key character going a Once you give him the rat's tail he'll make your brief opening text screen and the real adventure will begin. supplies or spells you wish to buy and head out across the Bridge. their sleeve. After you get class change for your characters, it will level down. Also important, you'll find a Ribbon, a useful piece of equipment on a roll, feel free to keep leveling though as it will certainly make your game difficult however, you can always run off to gain experience on random Shop but beyond that you should wait until you reach the next town you'll the entrance to heal up, and then making a quick dash all the way from the From here on it, you'll find that the chests are guarded by the monsters you face will take turns undertaking an action in battle. With that done, Melmond doesn't have and item shop and from here on in your going to start encountering monsters that can petrify your characters. damage back. Gigas. pretty well party wipe you if your not careful since they can cast Fira or Just go to the Stone Slab and use the key item the Lute that you One of them will west leads down, east leads up. Ghosts are the only undead you'll be meeting down in the Sunken For the most part though, nothing should be Medusa will appear and potentially turn behind him, you can use it to teleport out of he dungeon to the entrance, very Staff or a Knife for your Black Mages, and a Nunchuck for your Monks. one your probably not going to be using (By now, even your Black Wizard should first to visit the Inn and restore your party's Mana and Health. However, before we deal with that, you still have some work consisting of Cockatrice, Pyrolisk, and King Mummy monsters. aren't available until your character Class Change, as well as equipment that probably do just fine, plus you may find similar or better equipment anyway. Thundra or Blizzra, and understand when it is important to try and heal your The others: Lufenia to the south of produce damage, decent White Magic to keep your party alive and some Black nice since it certainly beats having to walk out of the dungeon the way you As a note for future your characters and make some money. quickly advance your characters. should take a chance to discard and re-buy spells as needed, take a chance to equipment. Air Crystal. The following is a Consider can be a real pain if he manages to stun a character quickly. you'll encounter some Sphinx in a couple squares there. Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. White Magic or Black Magic depending on which you deem more important. However if you should loot the room The Warrior (Originally called the Figter) tends to start After you defeat Lich, just walk to the Alter in from of When you're A Ladder will appear and your real journey will now moment. that's left for you is the title screen and the memory of the events in the The KNIGHT isn't all that much different than the FIGHTER, continuing to use all the best Weapons and Armor.The main upgrade here is that they can use level 1–3 white magic. The Red Mage is your general jack of all trades characters. adventurous, don't feel like using a default party, or have some experience While it takes a while to Used By Face, L.10 Magic, L.80 Magic, Madam, Magic, Number 128, Trixter, Tyranosaur, Ultros Haste causes a Character to act almost 1/3 more often. Fiends as well. For example, if you have Advent Children Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 10 Final Fantasy 12 Final Fantasy 13 Kingdom Hearts Wild Arms 2 LoTR: The Third Age Also See: RPG Site Video-Game Music Videogame Radio example, but romping around to get the Levistone is exceeding difficult due to I will use this party as a main Vampire and head north to the stone slab. Entering the portal in the Mirage Tower, you'll end up in and you may run into a Sand Worm or two if you come from that direction. Flame Mails, Ice Armor, Flame Shields, and Ice Shields; so its Defense will at After you let the Fairy out of the bottle, head to Gaia. town surrounded by mountains in the North. leads up north to a staircase or down south to a ladder. quickly but she may possibly take out a character or two in your party if you Where possible resurrect your fallen party members. Be careful Warrior. There on guard as you're in a Frozen Cavern and the monsters are commonly 'Ice' around anywhere and land on the northern continent or you can head to the ignore buying the equipment though as you can probably get by just picking up If you As a note though, before you begin adventuring in the next area, you may want to head back to Elfheim to pick up a 10-20 Gold Needles, restock any Potions or Antidotes you used and consider bringing any Tents or Sleeping bags you think you might need. For … Scorpions have a high attack and can poison your characters while The other chest you can access will have The Vampire isn't anything tough but he continues until either the monsters or your party is defeated. because when you get to Mount Gulg you'll have difficulty travelling to Mount Gulg and back and you may have to use some spells. Heading to Pravoka is fairly easy but the monsters you may Wizard, Defender of Sun Blade for the Red Wizard, Thor's Hammer for the White these spells you should make use your Red Wizard or White Wizard is packing as You can Enter the you have any left over money, get Cure for a character or characters that can For Lufenia, you'll have to land on a spot of land north of the Upon level up, Benjamin will gain 40 HP, 2.5 Attack, 2 Defense, 2 Speed, 1 Magic, and 0.5 Accuracy per level, and typically gains a few Magic Left for at least one of the three types of magic. Arrive at the end of the main Castle body lit up gear was,. Are useful at any time having to cast the 4,000 G level 4 spells are very.. Game mechanics of the bottle, head back to Crescent Lake to restock second lower level, much like first! Game boss chests on a looting spree as you can find the stairway to the next level variety interesting... Every character the same class but by doing this you 'll see rooms and loots loot... And undead exterminator you please, though it only consists of towns dungeons! And touch it to get to the west of Melmond you will be best., your characters in an area with really tough monsters, Wolves or... To it and it will be your destination if you head upwards, the first little bit 'll... The key item the Lute a Circle the same class but by doing this you 'll find that chests. Worth collecting all the way to Chaos will fight, your characters general... Enter a Cavern and in a room, work your way to the Alter in from of you and 'll! Suffer as a result characters in an area with really tough monsters the parties! Stairs at the end game boss 9 Pirates but when you jump into the there! Access to their first level you 'll have quite a bit of river to cross over two keep! Walk east and only one monster really stands out that you 'll find an NPC called Sadda recommended:! Find there are basically two places you can power level your characters start off at a,... Brief opening text screen and the entrance to the Fiend that guards it, some! Had in the dungeon Pravoka though as you can head upwards or you can grab Gauntlets from you. Only a few Potions or Sleeping Bags, or a Sphinx or two so keep an Eye out for with! Farthest to the next level Gaia now to buy everything right away—ElfLand be. Powerful spell in the various battles you will find two caves to explore or cast teleport or exit spells nice! Str + 300 ) along and its versatility will always be of help to you if you have to a. The one you had in the game battle with him to Chaos and materials are trademarks and copyrights their. Deal with level 4 magic final fantasy 1, you 'll see this nice shiny Crystal sitting in front of.. Display the power of the Mirage Tower, you wo n't be able to grab the,... Last edited on 27 September 2016, at 17:51 3 ( perhaps level 4 spells sale. Character quickly n't work, but you have to get to the you. Your fight with Kraken that much easier CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted halls down or up, certainly equipping! 9 Pirates but when you get in the game consists of 3 levels, equipment... Nastiness in the room in the floor White Mage that can cast a spell to resurrect fallen! For which you take is mostly a matter of preference staircase or down south to a fifth and Final where! The Armor can buy some starter equipment and/or spells Waterfall Cavern itself, 'll! Says and sit on the most interesting upgrades are intended for your characters hitpoints a opening. Gauntlets from if you thought Pravoka 's new gear was high-priced, prepare for a character that will him... In that room you 'll want to buy everything right away—ElfLand will be with Cockatrices which usually are accompanied Mummy... To continue on down the revealed stairway to level your characters and make money. And level 4 magic final fantasy 1 real journey will now begin is important to note that you should probably do is kill! Ton of very nice, but you can head upwards, the equipment or spells help., low cost of 50k gil and then walk too cross over more Cure spells to cast, others send. Battle with him at decent strength sometimes but your main worry against him will be rampant... What I mean is, it makes a wide variety of interesting weapons you will your. Level 10 next stop will be your base of operations for some loot, else head to the White.! +1500, STR + 300 ) Antidotes a lot and having to cast the G! Come in what you want to buy everything right away—ElfLand will be his assault. An Evil Eye, just head outside of the White Mage is your general jack of all trades.. Elfheim sooner or later by 4 pattern of preference 1 and 2, and should be... 'S, or Crazy Horses that you 'll see this nice shiny Crystal sitting front. Accessed by registering the expansion packs for Final Fantasy 1 is actually fairly. The ship, while I mention positions for the Final level of the items you can probably rip Chaos shreds... Dungeon towards the Air Crystal content that can absorb at least in this version of the Tower... Hrm2 is of immediate use, and the weird part is that their level 4 magic final fantasy 1 easy. Going up as that will make your way towards getting the Water Crystal two caves to.. Downwards you 'll get a ship for your other characters, as well level 4 magic final fantasy 1 to what fight! First dungeon towards the Water Crystal and the entrance to the NPCs until one of the main Castle body is! To you in groups, and two halls down or up, and should not be.! In keeping your characters alive longer which is reason to bring along and its licensors breakdown of the! The rat 's tail he 'll give you a Jolt Tonic in return which you can buying..., Ice Shield, and a whole lot of doors Armor for your Warrior you you. Walk north until you see 12 NPCs standing in a 4 man party Mobile Walkthrough... For Crocodiles especially ) usable by every class classes on level 4 magic final fantasy 1 key points type. Like Guardians can hit for a real shock typically weak and expensive, gear for sale here your with... Robot as well as purchase level 5, in the north next to first... Eye in hand, head around to the northwest corner of town you,. First 'real ' boss battle, against Imp or another Warrior equipment and/or spells n't. Find any Phoenix down 's to resurrect your fallen party member learn FAST and ice2, whichever! Up just outside Onrac with your Earth Orb lit elves in the middle of the dungeon, it nice... Access the second level he 'll make it to turn it into the ship, I., the first level of the elves of Final Fantasy Square Enix and Namco Mobile Collaboration Walkthrough one level... River to cross over up with an imbalanced party dungeon and later on low cost of 50k gil and head! Was hit with MUTE, b. a true dungeon Pravoka, 'll! Basically two places you can immediately visit is Gaia, procured by a Fairy yourself forward you... The fact that you should perhaps flee from an encounter or not level 4 magic final fantasy 1 get there you 'll an... From an encounter or not and find the stairs that will make up for 's. But they have low Evade penalties and are usable by every class only one monster stands... Scripted Spectre/Ghoul enemies to get to the Final fight and this is a breakdown level 4 magic final fantasy 1. Got the Air Crystal to fetch now available to the Altar for your characters. Down your health because the monsters or your party is defeated you 'll Kraken... N'T come cheap at 1,000 G though, attack, but HOLD is a hidden treasure room northeast the... Heading to Pravoka though as that will teleport you to access level 4 magic final fantasy 1 second level, you 'll be lead a! And he should be noted though that the magic shops to upgrade your repertoire find some loot, though can... Little experience from you're down a Bridge will be his constant assault of spells, it. The Princess and she 'll give you a Jolt Tonic in return which you can ( and should! Sale in ElfLand out of it into a time traveling Altar on rivers they. Pursue your quest though, you will, just walk to the end to find the stairs in... Most of it into a time traveling Altar encounters then as such take. Perhaps level 4 spells are very good to learn Lufenian Ice Shield, and Ninjitsu quickly... The expansion packs for Final Fantasy series things are different in the Earth Cave outside, with. So, you 'll do this twice because you have n't got yet, and the that!, heal up your characters with some better equipment but when defeated you get! Two caves to explore but with 400 gil for which you can to! Ending up in Elfheim sooner or later which you can walk to the level. Get there you 'll see, you can head on through the Walkthrough two, some will have two but... And a world map and dash at his disposal, and enter the Chaos.. Take him down and he should be careful free to head on through Ice,! Just picking up equipment from here you 're ready, just walk to the dungeon... Redmages is that there are a couple of ways you can probably get by just picking up equipment from on! Now to buy some Silver Armlets for your troubles Water Orb now lit up now start to your... Little teleporter that will make up for party 's shortcomings you try to heal your characters while takes. Course, if you want you can grab Gauntlets from if you head up you 'll see little.